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All Livingston Lures feature Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS™) embedded on a smart chip in the internal sound chamber of each lure. When you combine the JerkMaster darting action with Livingston’s exclusive EBS TechnologyTM, you have a mid-depth jerkbait that effectively draws fish from double the distance of a traditional jerkbait.

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Today, one in four hooks in the world is made by Mustad. The Mustad brand can be found in over 160 countries and covers all disciplines of sport fishing as well as industrial and traditional fishing. Over the years we have expanded our product range to satisfy every need of the modern fisherman and -woman. Times change, but our own history teaches us that new innovation and some good old Norwegian stubbornness is the best recipe for quality.

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Lunkerhunt Popping Bug Frog Hard BaitsLunkerhunt Popping Bug Timber Hard Baits
Lunkerhunt Popping Bug
$6.89 $6.99
Save $0.20
Bagley Rattlin' B Minus Chrome Gold Hard BaitsBagley Rattlin' B Minus Hard Baits
Bagley Rattlin' B Minus
$5.79 $5.99
Save $1.50
Ice Hole Tackle UFO Jiggin' Spoon 2pk 1/32 oz / Redfish Hard BaitsIce Hole Tackle UFO Jiggin' Spoon 2pk 1/32 oz / Xglo/Holo Hard Baits
Save $0.10
Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon 1/16 oz / Gold Hard BaitsJohnson Silver Minnow Spoon 1/16 oz / Nickel Nickel Blue Hard Baits
Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon
From $2.99 $3.09
Save $2.60
Wahoo Pro-Select BB Swivel Minnow Spinnerbait 1/4 oz / Citrus Hard Baits
Save $0.20
Lunker City PanHead Jig 3/8 oz / Chartreuse Shad Hard BaitsLunker City PanHead Jig 3/8 oz / Bream Hard Baits
Lunker City PanHead Jig
$4.29 $4.49