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Winter bass fishing can oftentimes be one of the most challenging times of year for bass anglers when it comes to catching fish. With the bass in a lethargic state, it’s hard to know what lures you should throw, how you should work them, and where the bass are commonly located. Despite the difficulty of winter bass fishing, it can also be one of the most rewarding times of the year if you know where to go and what to throw! Today we will be covering the best bass lures for winter fishing, along with some additional bass fishing tips that will help you land a cold-water stud when the winter weather arrives -- so with that being said let’s get right into it!

Best Winter Fishing Lure #1: Jerkbait

The jerkbait is by far one of the best bass lures that you can use when fishing in cold waters. The jerkbait allows you to cover far more water than finesse fishing while still giving you a high chance of hooking up with a lethargic winter bass. MONSTERBASS anglers know, both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass love a good jerkbait. Oftentimes, the unique suspending action from the jerkbait causes a reaction bite because the bass simply can’t resist. When jerkbait fishing, we recommend using the “twitch-twitch-pause” method when targeting bass. This gives the jerkbait plenty of time to sit in the middle water column and will increase your hookup ratio because the lure isn’t constantly moving. All in all, the jerkbait is a staple winter fishing lure that will consistently get some bass in the boat if used correctly! Make sure you have several jerkbaits in your tackle box for winter bass fishing!

Best Winter Fishing Lure #2: Lipless Crankbait

Although many believe that finesse fishing is the best tactic in the winter, bass will still eat moving hard baits like the jerkbait, or the next lure on our list: the lipless crankbait. The lipless crankbait has quickly become one of the most effective lures to use when winter fishing for bass because of its versatility. Usually anglers use the steady retrieve method for the lipless crankbait, but in the winter using the “Yo-yo” retrieve, which is letting the lure sink to the bottom and ripping it up a few feet, is the ideal retrieval method. The lipless crankbait can be thrown anywhere if it sinks to the bottom, but if you're using a floating crankbait shallow water would be ideal. Every winter bass fishing tackle box has a lipless crankbait handy.

Best Winter Fishing Lure #3: Blade bait

The blade bait is one of the most underrated winter bass fishing lures that seem to catch fish time and time again. With the blade bait you can also use the “Yo-Yo” retrieval method like mentioned above with the lipless crankbait. The only difference is this lure has a smaller profile which often attracts more fish during the winter months because they aren’t typically looking for a big meal. We recommend using silver or even gold blade baits that provide a lot of flashes underwater. A majority of the time when winter fishing, bass only bite because of a reaction, not because they are hungry. The flash of the blade bait can cause a reaction bite and with its small size, the hookup ratio is usually very good as well!

Best Winter Fishing Lure #4: Neko Rig

Although the moving baits that were mentioned above usually produce bites, there will be times when the fish only eat bottom baits that are worked very slowly. In this instance, anglers will often think that the best bass lures for this are the wacky rig, drop shot, or something similar. Even though this can be the case, we’ve found the Neko Rig is one of the more consistent options when it comes to finesse bass fishing lures that catch fish in the winter. The Neko rig has a unique action because of the nail weight of the rig which can cause the reaction bite needed. With this lure, you won’t be able to cover as much water, but if you know where the bass are stacked up it can be a great way to catch them if they’re finicky! Definitely add a Neko rig into your winter bass fishing setup.

Best Winter Fishing Lure #5: Jig

For our last winter fishing lure we have the jig. Although the jig is one of the best bass lures in the summer, this lure produces great results in cold water as well. With the jig, all you have to do is cast it out and drag it across the bottom with an occasional twitch to try and get a reaction bite. We recommend trying multiple different sizes and trailers on the jig based on how cold the water is and what type of forage are in your waters. Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics… this is unquestionably the case with the jig being that it is one of the best bass lures when winter fishing.

Even though winter fishing can be tough, it doesn’t mean that you can’t catch quality largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, and other species. We hope you consider these winter bass fishing tips next time you hit the water and catch a MONSTERBASS with this next-level winter fishing knowledge!

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