Best Smallmouth Bass Lures for Fall Fishing

Although there are times when smallmouth bass will be in shallow waters munching hard baits, there are also instances in which this isn’t the case. Smallmouth bass tend to be aggressive in the fall fishing season but that doesn’t necessarily mean that moving baits are the way to go. Sometimes, the best smallmouth bass lures are finesse baits used near the bottom of the water column. The options when it comes to finesse fishing lures are nearly endless, but for our team at MONSTERBASS, we have found the most success when throwing baits like the tube, ned rig, or simply a swim bait on a jig head. These three baits are all somewhat interchangeable, being that they are fished at the bottom with similar action. Similar to the smallmouth bass fishing with hard baits, it’s good to experiment to find out what is working in your local body of water. As a rule of thumb to maximize your smallmouth bass fishing experience, we recommend throwing dark-colored soft plastics if the water is stained or there are cloudy or low-light conditions. When the water is clear or the sun is out, we would recommend throwing lighter, more natural colors that mimic baitfish or other forage in the water. The retrieval for all of these finesse lures is simple: drag the lure on the bottom and give it the occasional hop or twitch in an attempt to stimulate a reactionary bite from the smallmouth bass.

Fall Fishing for Smallmouth Bass Summary

All in all, fall fishing for smallmouth bass can often be one of the most rewarding times of the year! If you can find where the fish are located and identify what type of bait they prefer, you’re in for some real record-breaking smallmouth bass. This often takes some trial and error, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the bite your first time out. We hope you take advantage of the knowledge provided today and get out there to catch a monster smallmouth bass before the fall fishing season comes to a close!

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