Luck-E-Strike Jiggin' America Kit


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jig kit

great colors use this jig in heavy cover


Great looking kit with alot different colors to use. The carrying case is very tough and strong.


Thought they were smaller, but it is a good assortment for bass.

This finesse jig catches big bass!

This fall/ winter I wanted to adapt smaller finesse jigs to my boxes.  Went online to various websites looking to purchase finesse jigs and as luck would have it Outlet bait and tackle had the 19 pc jig set on sale and decided to order 8 kits. Got them last week and I can tell you that these are a true round jig head. However,unlike the true finesse jig,  the wire hook here is a thicker gauge and does not bend easy. I personally prefer a thicker wire hook as you will see 7 lb. bass bite this thing.  The round head allows me to fish this around hard cover, mud, gravel, rocks, wood pilings pretty much everything but grass as it did not do too well and prefer the arkie style for that type of fishing. The action under water with these jigs are very nice and I paired them up with Paca Chunks. The secondary movement of this skirt as it flairs  in particular  makes this jig look alive and that’s what I feel gets the big bass to bite. 
The pros:
1) perfect profile and size with chunk trailer. 2) Secondary movement makes this thing look alive. 3) The finesse jig will catch not only small bass but the big ones too when they are not hitting larger jigs. 4) you cannot beat the price for the 5 jigs, various trailers and storage box.
The Gear used:  Daiwa Tatula reel size 100  6:3:1, lews Medfast action & 10 copolymer line.