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Trailer bait

These make great add ons as trailer bait

Go anywhere lure

For fishing heavy cover you will be hard pressed to find a better lure you can find more expensive but not better

Berkley Choppo
Dwayne Clark

Best one I got , frist day I used the choppo
7 big large mouth bass biggest one was 4 Lbs.

Hair jig

Gets bit when other baits don’t.

Hula Grub Double tail

Very best grub soft plastic lure on the market!

Mann's Little George
David Sargent
Mann’s Little George

Was exactly what I ordered, and was delivered earlier than expected!!!

Yum 2" Grub.

Great deal for the amount of product. I little smaller that i thought but still will do the trick for a trailer. The free shipping is a bonus.

Can't beat for price

good action and usually works Only problem is that sometimes fish hit the trailers and not lure behind Also REALLY good in Gulf but may not last long


Think plain BOORIG bit better still catches fish

Can't beat for price

Good action and cannot beat for the price many small bass will hit crankbait as trailer

Zman Longshotz

We all know Zman elaztech baits float. And so do these. However, they added a 15% salt content to these. So while they do float up, it’s very very slow. This is one of the best drop shot baits I’ve ever used. And… the action on the tail is crazy. After removing a few inches of length, I’ve even slipped a long shot on a 1/4oz finesse jig as a trailer, and even with a constant retrieve, the tail goes nuts. These are fantastic


This lure is TINY. It has a very very erratic action in the water. Works well when targeting panfish

Z-Man 3" Scented Pogyz 2 Piece Assortment
Zman Pogyz

These are sweet, and one of the best swim baits I’ve ever used. The scent is great. The pogyz are the 3” version, and the paddlerz are a 5” version of the same thing. When outlet bait has their 2 pack bundles on sale… get both, you won’t be disappointed

Zman paddlers

I tried the ZMan scented pogyz (3”) last time outlet bait had the 2 back bundles on sale. And they worked fantastic in salt and fresh water. The scent was so attractive, crabs would latch on, and hold on all the way out of the water, and boat flipped straight into the cooler. So now that outlet bait had these 5” paddlers in a scented 2 pack bundle on sale, I had to get them too, and another set of the pogyz. The paddlerz and pogyz are the same thing, just 3” and 5” versions. I have mostly muddy water where I live, and I’m convinced scent has a huge role in catching or not. My first trip using the paddlerz, hooked into some nice trout and a few red fish too. The following weekend, I destroyed a group of bass. Mostly just 2 pounders, but catching a bunch is always a blast. Like all Zman elaztech baits, they are bomb proof. One bait lasts… forever. The bundle pricing can’t be beat. It’s almost half of what they cost in local tackle shops. Get these!!!

Power team lures

I’m obsessed with this brand. First I tried the swinging hammer 5” paddle tail, and it’s arguably the best swim bait on the market. Then I tried the 4.5 grubs. Again, they have got to be some of the best I’ve ever used. I recently got a pack of these diesel craws, and they don’t disappoint. They work very well Texas rigging. All of the power team lures have come with these “hog sauce” scent packets. It’s basically garlic, and fish oils. But it’s the strongest, longest lasting scent I’ve ever used. Way stronger than procure. If you let the baits soak in the scent for several days, even after an entire dah of fishing, you can still smell the scent very strong. I don’t recommend adding the scent to the original packaging, it leaks. Use a high quality double ziplock baggie. These craw lures are very durable, and I got the black and blue swirl. The claws always float up, which is fantastic. Like all the power team lures I’ve tried, they flat out catch fish. And they just look cooler than other soft plastics too

Manns Jelly Worms

These are sweet! I got the 8”, but I’m sure any size is great too. I have no clue why it’s called hard nose, it’s made of the exact same material all the way through. But it is very durable. I caught 5 or 6 fish on one worm, and finally a toothy bowfin tore the head off. That’s when I had the amazing idea to add about 4” of the tail section to the back of a chatter bait. It’s an AWESOME trailer too! When you consider each pack contains 20 baits, they are very reasonably priced, and they catch bass. I got the regular grape color and it does well


Deadly and durable


Great colors and action

Great worm.

Perfect color for attracting bass in the weeds. Green pumpkin is a magic color for the lake I fish. Bass are driven crazy by these.

Good value

Great lure at a good price

Hat hook

Great item for show. Good conversation starters. I use them to give to kids as a reward when they catch their first fish.

Promising Muskie lure

Rubber holds up decently. Hooks are a bit light and I have to resharpen after each trip. Good lure for the money

Eagle Claw Lazer Saltwater Live Bait Hooks - Bronze

great little hooks that get the job done.. I use most often on live bunker or other medium to larger bait for striped bass to AJ's when fishing in the Carolina's

Eagle Claw Seaguard Tarpon Tinned Hooks

great hooks for more than Tarpon .. they can be used with sea bass ,blues and even sea trout.

grass kickerz 5"

tried it bass fishing no luck but i like the action should catch fish maybe next time