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pretty good

These are pretty good hooks and super sharp but they are a lighter wire hook and bend some what easy all in all a nice hook.

Great deals

I recently purchased these and they were great on the sandies. I caught 23 sand bass 2 lb avg. great product.

Good hooks.....

Eagle Claw Lazer Saltwater Live Bait Hooks - Bronze is a good hook, its gets the job done without spending a ton of money. I've never had a problem with them.

Just as described...

Gapen Freshwater Shrimp is a great looking lure, I will be hitting the water this week, I think the rainbows will find it irresistible.

Dockside Hawg Missile
Keith DeBruhl
Just what I needed...

Dockside Hawg Missile was just what I needed. The ruby color was dead on, just the color you need for sculpin fishing in Southern California.

Zman Ned jig heads

These are great, and the bundle saves you a lot of money when they are on sale. I do wish the weights were reverse (the lighter weight on the smaller jig head, heavier weight on larger jig head) but it gets the job done. Love these jig heads

Power Team swinging hammer

Love these! The tail is massive, and has a super wide kick. It doesn’t move back and forth quickly, it’s a slower wide-glide type of kick. It’s different than any soft plastic swim bakt I’ve ever used, and different is good! Plus… you can always modify the tail to exactly what you need with some scissors. And if the tail gets bitten off, it now becomes the ultimate drop shot bait. Sometimes, I intentionally cut the tail off just to use it lol. I love this brand, very durable, very affordable. All of their soft plastics are top notch. The hog sauce is so strong, I recommend putting the lures in a high quality double zip loc baggie and then adding the scent. I always use the sauce. I highly recommend!

Not what I ordered

I was expecting to receive the reddish brown jelly worm and I received the black with the yellow tail. I was quite disappointed because I wanted them for a specific fishing trip. I didn’t want the hassle of returning them.

Great Jig Heads

I have been using the Zman mushrooms for a while on rubber minnow baits ( usually Keitechs ) and they catch all species including bass, crappies, bluegills, redears, pickerel, pike and some smallmouths. The hooks are super sharp and very thin so they are easier to remove since I always practice catch and release.

Hot Lure but hard to find

This is a hot walleye lure on Lake Erie Eastern Basin, but hard to find. Thank You for offering at a reasonable price and great color selection. I'm hoping you restock this item.

Made for a great day on the river

These baits were soft and durable. The color selection matched the hatch well

O-Bait Magnet
Dustin McDaniel
It goes on your fridge

Great little magnet.

Great mixture of baits for a great price. Get some lures you have never tried before and give them a cast.

Great Tasting!

Jerky has great taste and you can tell its more of a homemade style, unlike the processed jerky you find a big box stores.



Z-Man Swimmerz 6" - 3 Pack

Outlet Bait&Tackle always has great prices, I am always looking for deals on Z-Man. This bait has great action with the famous Z-Man durability!!

Z-Man RaZor ShadZ

Fast delivery. Fantastic action and last for many bites. First time to use these and I'm very satisfied.

Mustad Demon Perfect Circle Inline Hook

great hooks, quick shipment, have used them for years.

Snag Proof Deadly Worm - Black
Adam Graham
Great when I was a kid. Still great at 55yo

We used these on the 350 acre lake I grew up on and they were consistent bass killers back then. Ordered a few to fish our small, private pond and nothing has changed. You can throw these anywhere and not get hung up. They are tough and fish love them. I bought 5 and gave two away to fishing buddies. Three if you count my wife!

O-Bait 6" Lizard 30 Piece Wholesale Fishing Bundle
joseph burke
Good quality

Life like and feel.colors are great

Great Lures / Prices

Stainless steel Terminators are almost as great as the Titanium brothers for a lot less $$$. If you fish snag filled areas like I do , than these are for you!! Same action and great color selections too. They catch tons of different species of fish.

Bass Magnets

Terminators are the best spinnerbaits on the market! I loved the titanium ones best but the stainless are almost as good for less $$. I use the stainless ones in my river spots where there are lots of snags where the smallies and pike hide!!! Doug Jugdish.


Great lil baits !

Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig 2 Piece Bundle
Michael Dragotta
Strike king jigs

Excellent. Bass nail it once it hits water.

Good bait

Worked great in fresh water for bass, haven't had time to try in salt water.