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Booyah teaser

Found one in the river used it below the dam caught seven species of fish and my buddy with his umbrella rig caught one not to mention it was on sale for five dollars off.

Best hooks

Been using these hooks for years. I love them and will never use anything else.

Good quality

Pleased with purchase

Good quality

Really pleased with purchase

Strong hooks

Perfect live bait hooks to fish mangrove snapper.

Good bang for your buck

If you Texas rig... this is the perfect setup. No need to buy weights, it’s already on the hook. Very convenient and time saving. Hooks are very sharp, and they catch fish. The price is great when they offer them on sale, too good to pass up

Pantastic spinner

These are great! Very well made, and pretty inexpensive. The spinner is very large, and spins very smoothly. It does seem the spinner is a little large for a small hook. My recommendation, upgrade the hook, it’s very small (unless you’re after tiny fish of course). A treble hook would give it more of a rooster tail vibe. I like to add a much larger worm hook, and install a gulp swimming mullet on the hook itself. It makes for an amazing trailer that adds scent. And it destroys everything fresh and salt water.

Renosky spinner

These things are TINY. I mean.... tiny. Well under an inch total length. But... small crappie and perch will probably destroy these things. They are well made, and the little fish attached is pretty realistic. Comes in a 3 pack, and are VERY inexpensive when on sale. I wish they made these in a 3” version.

Bulk gives you options

Fished these Kalin jigs over the weekend. The bulkiness of the hair allowed me to custom tapper the profile. The subtle fall made it deadly for the "float and fly" technique. Holds attractant well. These spotted bass loved them

Steel tumbler

Works great. Won't crack like plastic.


Like small crawdad fairly light and best with spinning equip. Ok action but good value

Good small lakes/ponds

Pretty light need spinning R/R to cast very far Decent action & good value


Highly recommend for pier fishing. The action GREAT and cast mile. Not sure will withstand many hits from sharp toothed critters. NUTIN biting in FL week there :(

Super pike baits

Lots of action on the retrieve!

Juke minnow

Have not used yet but really good looking baits and close to the size of the shad in our lakes. Will be buying more soon.

Good Line

Love that y'all carry this i couldn't find any 2 pd colored line anywhere else as you know when you get older your eyes get worse so i had trouble seeing how to tie on lures with clear line so i switched all my reels to colored line. This line is perfect for bream & you can throw it a mile seems like

Small is better

Reasonable price tungsten weight that will take a skirt, great size!

Northland Tackle 3/4 oz Reed-Runner Magnum

Quality baits as always. Orange and black is a pike slayer !!!

Vicious Fishing Sucker

Awesome bait for the Money!!! Hope to Use Soon !!!

Great hooks

I cant wait to use these to catch Catfish!!

Rapala Rippin' Rap 05 2 Piece Assortment
Great value

Fish love em

Winter fishing

Coolbaits 3/4-1oz underspin and you’re good to go