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Awesome bait

Have caught bunch crappie and blugills

YUM 3" & 4" grubs

These babies arrived promptly.
I got various sizes and colors, and they all look great!
Hoping to get them wet (and bitten) in about 5-6 weeks when the local waters begin to warm up a bit.

Bamboo stick

These baits were a great price and a great lure..
They catch huge bass

River fishing

The Thin Fisher is an excellent bait for vertical jigging. It worked great on the Detroit River last spring. Black gold seemed to be the color.

Shipping was fast but because of the weather I have not been able to go out & try them.

was shipped quickly unfortunately because of the weather here in south Louisiana I have not had the opportunity to try them out. I'm sure I will be pleased.

Storm Pro Curl

These baits catch fish!!!! Tail action is great!!

Getting old!!

Sorry guys,haven't been out due to health reason's,hope to soon!

Works great fresh or saltwater

Great Deal

I got this as in my home state umbrella rigs are not legal however this I am excited to try this. I can attach any swim bait, jig or even live bait and give the appearance of schooling minnows. Got 4 varieties when they went on sale and cant wait to toss them into some open water and see what happens

Great Swimbait

My first time buying O-Bait soft plastics and I can't wait to try them out. 10 pack for under $4 is a great deal, I love the colors and design.

fantastic deal

I love Lake Fork plastics, they are heavily scented and I haven't been able to find Pig Claws anywhere else for quite some time. Great product and SUPER scented

Great gift

Great gift!

Good looking jig set

I haven’t used yet, but do like the package

Looking good

Haven’t used em yet, but looks like nice jig assrt

Small hook extractor

Great for panfish especially crappies or unhooking walleyes solid design

Lake Fork package.

Super deal for the price!

Great lure

Great action and flash

Yum Grub

Solid grub with a nice price.

Mask your human smell

At least buy a bottle to mask your smell on your lures and gear that fish might pick up on.

Yum Grub

Solid Grub especially for the price.

Great shallow running bait

This is a great choice when trolling or casting the shallows.

A classic

The shad rap is a classic bait that simply puts fish in the boat.

Many color options at a great price

Outlet B&T sells many colors of this great bait at great prices. I bought every color they had. I'm sure the fish will find a color it likes.

Great bait at a great price

Yum grubs are great baits and Outlet B&T sells them at great prices. I'm planning on landing schools of Walleye with them.