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O-Bait Staccato Lipless Crankbait Bundle
O-bait lipless

I love the shape and size of the lure. And it always runs perfectly true and straight. I’ve done extensive underwater testing to find out which lipless is truly the best. While this lure isn’t number 1, it IS very high on that list. And when you consider the price (especially when they go on sale), it’s absolutely the best bang for your buck. Just like a chatter baits, you want it to start vibrating as soon as you reel in. Lipless is no different. This one is always vibrating, even at very slow speeds. A LOT of lipless cranks will only work correctly at high speeds. So that says a lot. It must have a very tiny beads in it, because the rattle is much higher pitch than standard traps. And this lure has a shimmy on the fall, when doing the yo-yo technique. At least 50% of the lipless on the market do nothing on the fall. The hardware it comes with isn’t half bad either. I like these, because it’s a great presentation, and WHEN you lose one, it’s not a huge deal. You really can’t beat it. White, chrome, and gold are always great color choices

O-Bait 4" Drop Stick - 10 Pack
O Bait --- drop stick

My #1 go to bait !

Vicious Fishing Pad Runner 2 Piece Bundle
Justin Mullikin
Best frog ever

Most realistic durable frog I have ever used

Kingfisher KCL Freak 1.5RT 2 Piece Bundle
Greg Patterson

They run perfectly and the colors are out of this world


The colors are out of this world and they run perfectly

They run perfectly and the colors are amazing

Baker Lures JLD Series 3 Jerkbait 2 Piece Bundle
Tom Miller
JDK Series 3

Winter here so have not had chance to fish them. But color looks good, hooks are sharp and seem strong. Look forward to fishing when we get open water here


O-Bait 10" Ribbon Tail Worm 3 Piece Assortment
James Annabel


Used Texas rigged and lanes a nice 2lb bass. Nice action; as good as any on market.

They just catch fish...

I've been using O-baits for a few years now. My favorite. They have the colors I like and they last longer then other brands. Price is reasonable and a 10 piece is nice vs. 6-8 pieces from other brands and cost more. 5" length is my go to when fishing wacky rig or texas rig.

Snag Proof The Original Frog
David Wyszkowski
great looking bait

can't wait to try it.

Quality fishing products

Anything that I purchased from "Bait and Tackle Outlet " was alway a quality piece of fishing equipment.. Also they provide excellent communication and try their best to satisfy their customers..

Big fish slayer

Awesome realistic craw, great colors. Stock up before they are gone.

owner treble hiook

Great hooks and great looking baits

Best Fishing

Awesome 👌

Lake Trout Tube

White tube jigs are killer for lake trout. I love these tubes.

Awesome 👌

Keeps Drinks Frosty

I like my drinks on Ice and to stay cold. No fun drinking a cup of your favorite beverage that has been watered down by melted ice(unless your drinking Ice water). This cup can keep ice from totally melting up to 24 hours at room temperature with the lid on.

O-Bait Crusher Jerkbait
Mike Graham
These were a steal!

Bought 10 of these in a variety of color schemes to fish rocky, shallow rivers where I typically break a few bills off of my jerkbaits banging them repeatedly on rocks. The price was so good on these that I no longer mind losing one every once in a while and they still catch fish. No sense in spending $25 for a Megabass 110. So glad I stumbled upon these. Good color selection and a great price. Thanks!

O-Bait 5" Drop Stick 18 Piece Wholesale Bundle
mike barber
Great deal

Order this as a Christmas present and expected to get a bunch of dud colors but instead got 2 each of 9 good colors.

O-Bait 5" Twin Tail Skirted Hydro Grub - 8 Pack
AB Hastings Mi
As good as big name brands.

Bass love them. Great colors and they hold up to multiple bites.

O-Bait 5" Swim Minnow - 10 Pack
AB Hastings Mi
Great swim minnow

Bass love them. They hold up good to multiple bites. Good colors.

As good as big name brands

Colors are great and they hold up good to multiple bites. Price can’t be beat!