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finesse hook

used this morning great at hooking fish. better then regular finesse hooks

great hooks

best drop shot hook i tried.

thin hooks

the hook heads stand up good. but the hooks are very thin. caught 7 bass this morning hook looked like it strightend out a bit.

Obait swim baits

First off, they are 10 count packs! And you get two different colors. The black/pearl has got to be my favorite color, for any brand. It just works. This is my all time favorite swimbait. I like it better than big name brands. They are very affordable, durable, and flat out catch fish. You can rig it a million ways… as a trailer, Texas rig… but I just put on a 1/8 - 1/4 swimbait jig head, and do straight retrieves with slight pauses and twitches. Hopping the bottom works well too. The tail action is on point, and I like the smaller profile for a 5”.. it looks perfect. They are often sold out of the 5” completely… so you better buy some while you can. This could be the best 5” swimbait of all time. And as a Zman fan, I don’t give this title lightly.

Lunker city grubs

These are really good grubs. The body size is slightly fatter than a standard grub, and the tail has an extra loop, which adds more action than a standard grub. I live near fresh and saltwater, and the orange and yellow grubs rigged on a jig head did extremely well catching flounder and trout in salt water. And in fresh, the black and pearl work very well as trailers for jigs and spinner baits. A lot of people use paddle tails or craws as trailers, but grubs are a far better option in my opinion, especially when fishing dirty water and you need heavy action. These are very durable, and don’t disappoint

Zman EZ tubez

These are great. I like to Ned rig them, or put a darter head jig inside them. You can add scent, or a rattle inside the tube. They float, and stand straight up on the bottom. All around fantastic bait that lasts fish after fish.


Excellent for "BIG" pike in early Spring and Fall in Canada.

Great Lures Great Price

Two Great Lures for one Great Price. The 6" size is perfect and the joint action is awesome. Remember not to pass this deal up before it goes away.

great value, would like to see more wholesale bundles

"Excellent "

Excellent service Fast delivery The Goat makes for a killer chatter bait trailer and on a ned rig

Lunker city slug go 4.5"

great lure it attracts stripers blues and I can even catch flukes with those things. Just have to be careful that the snappers aren't around because they'll bite em in half.

Zman trout eye jigheads

I've caught stripers fluke and cocktail blues with these awesome jigheads.

Z-man long shotz

I haven't used them yet,but I'm expecting the stripers to hit it hard. I don't want to throw them in the water yet because the snappers are around and I don't want them chewing them in half.

Tremendous jig heads

Great jig heads for minnow baits due to the large size fish catching hooks! There is still plenty of room for the barb to penetrate the fish's mouth. They are easier to unhook fish also due to the wide gap hooks. Highly recommended!

Previous Month's Edition Bait Box - Non Subscription
George Hubbard
Last month's box

Good multi species box. Will use most of the baits sent. Looking forward to getting another box.

Johnson Beetle Bou
Justin cook
Great little jigs

Good colors and catch fish

Great lures

Great lures definitely can catch fish with these and I'm buying more

Z-Man GrubZ 2.5" 36 Piece Wholesale Bundle
Jack Guelff
Z-man bundle

The Z-man bundle is a good buy for those with large families and one source of tackle. So kids and grand kids can try the soft baits out under their techniques and share results.

Made for a great birthday present and used them my self and caught a couple nice bass.

good spinnerbait

work,s great in pre spawn or dirty water. has lot,s of thump.

works good

and can't beat the price

Whacky worm fishing

The jig head is exactly what I wanted to give the worm the fall rate i wanted giving it the illusion of an injured bait fish

Plastic trailer

They look great can't wait to try them on my a rig have a fishing trip planned in Oct. Hopefully the swimming action will attract the fish

Smallie Bait

I like this Bait for Smallmouth.I rig it with a small weight and 1/O hook.

Excellent tube bait

Good product - soft yet resilient - excellent choice of colors.