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Small is better

Reasonable price tungsten weight that will take a skirt, great size!

Northland Tackle 3/4 oz Reed-Runner Magnum

Quality baits as always. Orange and black is a pike slayer !!!

Vicious Fishing Sucker

Awesome bait for the Money!!! Hope to Use Soon !!!

Great hooks

I cant wait to use these to catch Catfish!!

Great value

Fish love em

Winter fishing

Coolbaits 3/4-1oz underspin and you’re good to go

Winter Fishing

Use them with a 3/4-1 oz coolbaits underspin and you’re good to go.

Great lure life like for sure

Good for the price

Snag proof has been a consistent top water frog for my needs.the best part is the affordability from outlet allows be to throw them is questionable areas.I recommend these.

Great hat by

Love the hat. It is well made and fits really good and very confortable

👍great price as a always

Tastes great!

Really enjoyed it. Tastes great, and good texture. Not too tough.

Careful, they bite

Super sharp hooks, fish are guaranteed not to come off. Be careful, they are sharp and will bite you.

Another killer bait

Wicked action, caught lots of small mouth and a few large mouth this past weekend.

Great bait

Fished this over the weekend and slayed them.

floating worm kit

great colors use to drop shot floating worm helps keep the bait off the bottom

jig kit

great colors use this jig in heavy cover

snag proof frogs

great for lilly pads and grass

Great Lure

Throw a trailer on it and it works really good in brush.

Awesome lure

Great lure for both salt and fresh water. I use them on the beaches of socal for all game fish. Also for bass again great bait going to buy more for 2021.👍👍

Good lures

Great lures for the price got them on sale wish I have grabbed way more great company to buy lures from all stars

Nice swimbaits

killer action use for flounder/speckled trout.


These are great hats.

Very Good

Excellent Beef Jerky.....need to market larger sized packages

Berkley Nanofil Line - 4lb# Test - Green

Thanks for processing my order....Received the items....Have been using this line for trout fishing in Central Pa the last few years...Strongest line around...Will put to good use this coming trout season 2021****** Thanks for free lanyard......Stay Safe