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Quality Quick

First timer ordering from Over Stock and won’t be last. Crank baits have awesome color and depth as described. Arrived just a couple
Days after ordering!

As always Z-man products are top quality and simply catch fish, these are no different, great waky rigged.

Great Hook

Sharp and perfect for nose hooking a drop shot bait.

Great and Versatile Hook

These are really great hooks. They come through grass easily and present the bait just right. Highly recommended.

Excellent spinner spinner bait for the money!!!

Best jigs ever

Good price - long lasting - many weight and color options.

Fish on.

Great looking Baits. The price was awesome and the quality is rocks.

Love these Baits

Great quality at an affordable price. You can't beat o baits.


Excellent, Low Noise Rattle Bait! For The Money These Can’t Be Beat!

Great bluegill crappie bait!

That mini minnow profile bait and garlic scent is magic on early season cold water panfish.

Suspending crankbait

Absolutely one of the best crankbaits that I have ever tried. Caught numerous largemouth, smallmouth and even a large crappie bass. Highly recommend this bait$

Perfect river crankbait

The Vexan Rattlin' Wasp is perfect for fishing river walleye and smallmouth. It is small like a crayfish, comes in a variety of great colors that cover the various seasonal colors of crayfish, is heavy enough to cast for distance, dives deep enough to get down to the bottom of most rocky areas in rivers and is made tough. I love fishing it in the Chippewa River here in northern Wisconsin.


taste real good, ready like it. need to have about a 10lb bag


The sign came slightly bent, this was packaged in an envelope, with some packaging but nonetheless it would’ve been better if you would’ve packaged it in a proper size cardboard box. I didn’t call and complain I just straightened it the best I could, but now you’ve sent me a request to review it so that’s what I’m doing. Everything was fine with the sign except for it being bent due to poor packaging.

Good quality jig

I have had a lot of luck with stand up jigs. I use them with a night crawler hooked just through the nose.

Nice assortment

Good price and nice assortment of rigs

Hog catcher!

Bait has great tracking through the water with a wonderful thump!! Seen this bait catch a giant!! Definitely recommend you add this to your spinner bait arsenal!!

Stocking Up

Just getting set for late April trip to Norfork great slabs and walleye


Trout!!! trout a few and stay stocked up forever :D


PAN FISH ALL DAY!!! If you go through them like I do around brush and dark water, you cant beat the price/quantity

These were great for the price, and will do great on some river fish and channel cats :)

1/4 spinner bait

These are very well made. They look and perform exactly the same as other brands that are 8x the price. It has the same high end stainless ball bearings, super sharp, strong, high-grade hook, and nice paint job. The blades have held up well also, even after a few spins in saltwater for redfish... no rust stains or anything. The fish head is also professional style... the eyes glimmer, and the head is a larger profile. When these are on sale... they can’t be beat. They flat out catch fish, especially in windy days, or days with overall poor weather conditions. I’d put these up against expensive brands any day. And if you lose one... it’s not a huge deal lol.

Looks good

Looks good and the price is Amazing. Super fast shipping

Jig kit

So... there was very little information in the description of this item.. just says it’s a 19 piece kit. 19 pieces of what? It was a complete mystery, but when they go on sale for less than 5 bucks... it’s worth the risk. And boy did it pay off! These are sweet! It has a nice hard case, it’s the normal soft fishing bag size. The kit contains five 1/4 ounce swim jigs with weed guards and heavy 3/0 hook. Five different colors, black/blue, black/chartreuse, brown/tan, purple/tan, grey/white. The rest of the kit is crawfish style trailers. They are chunk style trailers, with ribbed crawfish claws. You’ll get 3 different color larger size trailers (2 each). And 3 different color smaller trailers (3 each). The picture I’ve included shows two kits combined together. For the price, you absolutely CANT BEAT it. In my opinion, a jig is a jig. There are hundreds of different brands, but as long as they have sharp hooks, it gets the job done. I can’t stand when people leave reviews on products they haven’t actually used. No one wants an opinion of someone who just opened the box. How does it perform! These work! The trailers reek of cheap Chinese rubber, so I recommend soaking them in some gulp juice, or maybe some pro-cure. The trailers don’t have a lot of action, but some times you don’t need/want a lot of action. But it’s decent, just not crazy flapping like most large claw trailers, as these are somewhat thin, sorta like the zoom chunk style. Get a box of these while on sale... less than half of the normal advertised price. I’d buy several, it’s the cheapest decent jigs you’ll ever find. And they work. The hooks stay sharp, and don’t bend.

Yozuri Vibe

I can’t stand when people leave reviews, on lures they haven’t actually used yet. No one cares about your opinion of what it looks like out of the box, how does it perform! This is a very nice lipless. Very well made, I got the sexy shad color, and it’s help up good after dozens of bites. The hooks are sharp, and it works great. I always upgrade my trebles to trapper style hooks one size up, but it’s not needed, just my preference. It has aNice rattle, and runs very true. Great for straight retrieve or yo-yo. They are pretty inexpensive when on sale at outlet bait, half the normal price or less. It catches fish. Caught several bass, crappie, bowfin (mud fish) and even a fresh water drum. Used it in saltwater, caught a red and a trout. Can’t beat it. I prefer the yozuri hard baits over googan, 6th sense, and bill Lewis personally.