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Nice touch for my ‘fisherman’ grandson’s 10th birthday gifts!

My grandson loved the bass and rainbow trout gift bags 😉

Great Tough Tubes

Started throwing tubes for LMB in Texas in highly pressured waters. Outlet B&T had a few colors that are hard to find like Junebug. THese are tough guys. The others take a few hits and catches and they are falling apart. These can be yanked thru some brush without tearing and hold up. Gut hooked a fish and almost had trouble ripping this tube out to unhook the guy. Great tubes, colors are spot on, not slimy like others and you don't need to lube the hook head if you are "stupid rigging" - hey not my term, thats what they call it.

Very satisfied with the lizards would purchase again.

Nice hooks

I bought these to make some single hook bucktails. Very sharp they will work great!

Strike King swimbait hooks

I haven't used them yet but they're just what I was looking for use on 5in and 6in Berkley jerk shads for saltwater fluke fishing. Will buy from Outlet ag3.

Great midrange crankbait

Great bait for running up to 18 feet down without extra weight. Very popular on Lake Oahe for us.

Great crankbaits

These reapers run great right out of the package. They run deep without the need for extra weights or leadcore, but will go deeper if you use them. Look forward to getting even more colors as they come available.

Monster bait...

if you can't catch fish with these, you shouldn't be fishing. I've caught everything, with them. Love'em.

One of a kind.

love these ,so versatile with all soft bait.

Fishing deep

Well made product

Great product, caught fish with it the day they arrived.





Look good / great price

Haven’t used yet but expect them to work as well as any name brand

Good pike & musky spinner

Trolls & casts well. Trailer hook is excellent

Awesome top water

Caught my personal best bass on this 110 bluegill colored Whopper Plopper. 5.84 lb. largemouth to win big fish during a tournament.

Pretty good

I liked this flavor, I look forward to trying the others.

Good bait

This bait came with solid hardware and proformed nicely, runs true.

Good bait

This bait came with good looking hardware. Proformed nicely I got a few peacock bass on it.

Very nice bundle we are already catching fish using these.

Fast delivery

Showed up quick and as advertised

Trout trick

The bundle pricing can’t be beat. These are amazing, Like all Zman elaztechs.. they last a long time. They work perfectly with the Zman trout eye jig heads. And the nuclear chicken color destroys inshore saltwater fish in Texas.. and works well watching bass and crappie in freshwater also. I’ve been using Ned rigs for bass fishing lately, and these are phenomenal Ned rig baits. They float, so the rig stands straight up. And the paddle has amazing action when you jig, or swim it. These are pretty small and skinny, but you don’t always need a massive soft plastic. These don’t disappoint

Trout eye jig heads

These are arguably one of the best jig heads in the market. For smaller lures 3.5” and below use these trout eye heads. For 4” and above, use the Redfish eye jig heads. I’m convinced the color doesn’t really matter… as long as it does have some color. Red and chartreuse have been killer for me. These work great with the Zman trout trick baits, and really any smaller paddle tail. The barbs are very sharp and stick out quite a bit… and sometimes this is a good thing. There are certain situations where I pinch the barbs off with pliers and use a dap of super glue to hold the soft plastics on. These flat out work, and stay sharp a long time, even in saltwater. The sale price is fantastic

Manns little George

These are great. Nice action, casts a mile. Hook almost never gets tangled. They work well vertical jigging, or slow rolling, or burning. These are a harder lure to find, and they are much more expensive else where. The sale price can’t be beat