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Bomber Jerk Minnow Random Pick

Bomber Jerk Minnow Random Pick

Product Code: BGBBJM
Their Price: $5.99
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Get these Jerk Minnows now at the lowest price possible! Check out this sleek, shad shaped body tipped with a split tail...It's the Jerk Minnow from Bomber, and you're going to love it! With natural swimming action, the Jerk Minnows flaunt a free motion that only soft plastic lures can provide. Every movement from your reel or rod brings these baits to life. We choose the color and size - 10 Minnows per pack. If you purchase more than 1 we will do our best to not duplicate.

Technical Specs

  • Enhanced with FUSE
  • As with all Random Pick products, we will choose the color and size and do our best not to duplicate on multiple orders
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