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Gamakatsu Super Line Offset EWG Worm Hooks

Gamakatsu Super Line Offset EWG Worm Hooks

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Gamakatsu's Superline Offset Shank EWG Work Hook is a high carbon heavy-wire hook designed to fish braided line in heavy cover. Built for serious flipping in the tules, overhead mats or pads. The Superline EWG is perfect when you require a quicker decent rate without increasing size or adding weight. And when you use Senko' with these hooks for that deadly quick fall.

Technical Specs:

  • 2/0 - 5 pk
  • 3/0 - 5 pk
  • 4/0 - 4 pk
  • 5/0 - 4 pk
  • 6/0 - 3 pk
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