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Ego Net S2 Slider Compact PVC Net

Ego Net S2 Slider Compact PVC Net

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The Ego S2 Compact PVC Net consists of an 18" slider handle and a PVC coated mesh net. The handle extends to a length of 38" and the net has a 17"x19" hoop and is 16" deep. The handle has the ability to float, so there's no fear of losing it. The PVC netting is crafted from a non-tangle, hook-free UV resistant nylon allowing for minimal water drag. Ego Fishing Net Systems will make you look like a Pro with well-chosen fishing equipment.

Technical Specs

  • Ego S2 Compact PVC Net
  • Floats
  • Innovative Grip Design
  • 18" Slider Handle Extends To 36"
  • Non-Tangle PVC Coated Mesh
  • Flat Bottom / 16" Bag Depth
  • Medium Hoop Size 17" x 19"