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Freedom Tackle 1/8 oz Hydra Ultra Light Hybrid Jigs - 2 Pack

Freedom Tackle 1/8 oz Hydra Ultra Light Hybrid Jigs - 2 Pack

Product Code: FTU_10021
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The Freedom Tackle Hydra Ultra Light Series Hybrid Jig offers the same incredible action as their original, but in a slightly scaled-down package. Built using Freedom Tackles patent-pending hook release system dubbed the Tam-burro Twist, the Freedom Tackle Hydra Ultra-Light Series Hybrid Jig allows its hook to move independently of the head.

Technical Specs

  • Color: Pearl
  • 1/8 ounce
  • Hydrodynamic Head Design
  • 300 Ib. Stainless Steel Single Wire Construction
  • Unique Minnow Like Action Provides Enhanced Bait Movement
  • Sonic Brass Echo Chamber
  • Hardened Epoxy Finish
  • 3D Hologram Life Like Eyes
  • Proven Productive Colors
  • Design Allows for Weedless Hook Attachment
  • Fish Can't Use Jig Head for Leverage - Less Thrown Hooks
  • Interchangeable Hook Feature Allows For Hook Customization
  • Premium Black Nickel Chemically Sharpened Hooks


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