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Gapen's 1/16 oz Mini Fish Fry - Blue Runner

Product Code: FFR10-93106
Gapen's 1/16 oz Mini Fish Fry - Blue Runner

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The Gapen Fish Fry crankbaits are incredible. They catch fish like crazy-and ALL kinds of fish. No other lure is so versatile. These are also made with the high quality peafoam injection process and are all wire- through construction. Made to resemble fry, which is a favorite food of ALL fish, they simply work magic in almost any kind of water. Bass, Crappie, Pike, Trout, Walleye, you name it. YOU need a selection of Fish Fry in your tackle box, because they will always work wonders.


  • How to fish the Fish Fry from Dan Gapen Sr.

    The fish fry series can be trolled. But many prefer to cast it on ultra-lite style equipment. Four to six pound line is best used but with a larger Fish Fry, eight or even ten pound line will work. Small spinning reels are preferred.

    This is a lure you can use in your local creek to entice rock bass, bream or small bass. It's a deadly lure when used in small ponds where weed growth grows to within a foot of the surface.

    Because the Fish Fry is a floater, the fisherman can encourage a strike by twitching it along the surface to represent a dying fry. Or by retrieving in short one-turn-of-the-reel-handle retrieves cause this lure to dart and dive only a couple of inches under the surface. This is an excellent presentation to entice late evening crappie and bluegill in ponds and small city lakes.

Technical Specs

  • The Mini Fish Fry is 1" in length and weighs 1/16 oz

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