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Kalin's Got Stryper 11" Pintail Eel

Kalin's Got Stryper 11" Pintail Eel

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The Kalin's Got Stryper Eels have a lighter jighead with a heavier tail. Once the lure sinks, the balance of weight across the length of the bait means that the angler can swim it with a lifelike horizontal action across the bottom. One of the strongest made soft bait lures available. Made with the knowledge of a designer and an expert fisherman. Great lures for the use in catching of striped bass, big tuna, shark, and bluefish.


  • 1 per pack
  • 1 oz each
  • PreRigged with Kalin's Ultimate Jig
  • Each eel is 11" in length
  • Color: Black