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Live Target Frog Popper
Live Target Frog Popper
Live Target Frog Popper
Florescent Green/Yellow

Live Target Frog Popper

Product Code: FGP65T503
Their Price: $14.49
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The Frog Popper from Live Target Lures features a dressed trailer hook and a clear-cupped mouth that slaps and sprays when it's popped. With its unbelievable level of detail, the Koppers Live Target Frog Popper is ideal for fishing in open water, around light vegetation, docks, or lay-downs. The next time you’re looking for a popper that’s irresistible to bass, look no further than the LiveTarget Frog Popper! 

Tech Specs:

  • Model: FGP65T - 2-1/2" - 1/4 oz - Hook #6
  • Model: FGP75T - 3" - 1/2 oz - Hook #4

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