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Pakula 10" Dojo Peche Hybrid Skooner - Cosmos


Pakula 10" Dojo Peche Hybrid Skooner - Cosmos

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Pakula Dojo Peche Skooners are designed for maximum performance between 1.5 and 7 knots and will certainly work at faster speeds in calm conditions. When used in a standard trolling situation the Skooners are ideal for short positions such as long corner, long rigger and shotgun positions. When used as a casting lure the Skooners are ideal for slow and medium retrieves. These lures are ready and able to bring in even the biggest of saltwater predators. Pakula's range of Dojo Peche Hybrids are a totally versatile lure that are designed for amazing performance in the water.

Technical Specs

  • Each Skooner is 10" long
  • Each lure is pre-rigged with a Stainless Steel Dojo Hook on high quality Leader to IGFA specifications
  • Features Hook lock system, Keel System and Double UV additives.

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