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Pakula Dojo Peche Hybrid Skooner - 12" - Violeta

Product Code: DHS305VT
Pakula Dojo Peche Hybrid Skooner - 12" - Violeta

Retail price $19.99 Retail $29.99

Pakula's range of Dojo Peche Hybrids are a totally versatile lure that are designed for amazing performance in the water. These Skooners are designed for maximum performance between 1.5 and 7 knots and will certainly work at faster speeds in calm conditions. When used in a standard trolling situation the Skooners are ideal for short positions such as long corner, long rigger and shotgun positions. When used as a casting lure the Skooners are ideal for slow and medium retrieves. These lures are ready and able to bring in even the biggest of saltwater predators.


Technical Specs

  • Each Skooner is 12" long.
  • Each lure is pre-rigged with a Stainless Steel Dojo Hook on high quality Leader to IGFA specifications
  • Features Hook lock system, Keel System and Double UV additives.
  • 1 per pack
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