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Reaction Strike 7" Bass Harasser
Rainbow Trout
Reaction Strike 7" Bass Harasser

Reaction Strike 7" Bass Harasser

Product Code: 7-BHM-RT
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Reaction Strike and their Bass Harasser will soon be your favorite bass lure and your favorite musky lure. The Bass Harasser is a legendary swimbait that set the standard for realistic fishing baits world-wide. It is truly a classic fishing lure. Every other swimbait on the market should tip its hat to the Bass Harasser for starting the realistic lures fishing trend. This is the flagship lure of flagship lures and a very high quality swimbait fish love. The best part is that now you can buy the Bass Harasser at Outlet Bait and get a classic lure at discount fishing tackle rates. You might want to act fast though. We have a feeling some people will complain that we are selling them so cheap and persuade us to raise the price.

Technical Specs

  • The Bass Harasser is 7" long.
  • Slow Fall is 10 inches per second.
  • Medium fall is about 14 inches per second.
  • There is a stinger hook attachment on the top back portion of the bait.
PLEASE NOTE: California Trout color may vary


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