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Tackle Industries 8.5" Dingo - Black Knight

Tackle Industries 8.5" Dingo - Black Knight

Product Code: DG21
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The DINGO is one of the best priced double jointed swimbait lures you will ever buy. This lure has a fantastic swimbait swimming action, and it comes with a free replacement tail. This is a very slow sinking bass swimbait. It sinks at the rate of  9"/second. That is only about 7'/10 seconds (ROF 7)! This lure has incredible hang time and drops horizontally, not tail or nose first. The bodies on these are so tough you can literally pound a nail into a board with them! These are made with through wire construction, triple split rings, musky hooks, are double jointed and are just plain super tough lures that you can take out of the package and use right away.

Technical Specs

  • 8.5" in length
  • Weighs 5 oz
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